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Project: Institutional development

CPF in Bulgaria should become a well functioning organization with clear decisions and rules that are based on democratic principles, but also oriented towards concrete results in the public space. Hence, the rules of the organization will be opened and simple for implementation from the organization’s members, as well as for its strategic and operational management.

Within the next few years CPF should accredit itself as a leading organization, which provides shared office space for informal groups, civic organizations, initiatives and causes. The idea is CPF to become a credible place to the public and to provide support and assistance to civil actions. CPF has to become a hub to protect the interests of citizens and to encourage public participation at all policy making levels.
The image of civic organizations and civic initiatives should be improved by gradually affirming as civil society structure that strives to improve people’s lives. For this purpose, namely the application of standards for good governance of NGOs is of crucial importance. CPF shall be visible and recognizable with its active position and participation in social media as they become an increasingly important and influential part of public opinion in the country.

Achieving the above, CPF will work for its vision for the citizen participation in Bulgaria:

  • The civil society actively and competently to participate in the decision and policy-making at local, regional, and national level through its representatives in working groups, councils and commissions as well as through the forms of direct citizen participation and public consultations and partnership with the authorities;
  • Bulgarian NGOs to cooperate and to  exercise civic control on the decision-making process as well as to ensure continuous information, awareness, and involvement of the citizens in the processes; NGOs to be  united in coalitions and networks that successfully defend their goals and values and work for common causes at national and at EU level; CPF being one of the emblematic representatives of these networks and coalitions;
  • Operational mechanisms to be  developed and  applied for transparency and citizen monitoring of the actions of the institutions as well as for involving NGO representatives in the monitoring and evaluation committees for the implementation of the Operational Programs, the Partnership Agreement between Bulgaria and the EU and the Municipal Development Plans (2014 – 2020 г.); the institutions treat the recommendations of the civil society with attention and respect.
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